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Mr. Bills Pump and Well Family Owned and Operated Business Serving Western Washington over 20+ years!   Click to learn more...Improve the Performance of Your Well!If you need emergency repair to your well or pump click here!Click here to contact us today!

Save Thousands by jetting your well and not re-drilling!Utility Truck

Sometimes you have to re-drill, but most of the time you do not! For example, if your well produced 10gpm twenty years ago, odds are by jetting, it may again.

Mr. Bill's high-pressure, hydraulically water jetting nozzels are the ultimate tool for cleaning and developingThese are jetting devices stainless steel, plastic, and slottel well screens in sand and gravel wells. And, they hold their own when it comes to blasting rock flour, biofouling and even mineral deposits from water wells drilled in solid rock formations. They are ideal for monitoring and remediation of environmental wells, many times increasing yields and capacity serveral fold.

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These are som Jetting Tools

What is Well Jetting?

Well jetting is utilized when you need to pull the pump out of the well. A jetting head is temporarily installed by lowering it into the well on high pressure frac pipe. The jetting head has nozzels that spray 200-300 psi at 30-35 gpm through the plugged well screen, which re-develops the well and opens up the flow of incoming water, to increase the production and yield of the well.

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