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How to Improve Well Performance (Yield)

Does your well not seem to put out the water it used to? Do you wish you had city like water without fluctuations in pressure? There are many things that can cause your well to perform well below its potential or its once enjoyed performance. What can I do you ask?

How to Increase Yield (Gallons Per Minutes) On My Well?

Why does my Water Well not produce the yield like it used to?

Typically in a drilled well there is a screen at the bottom of your well that protects your pump from sediment and other contaminants that could damage the pump. Over time these screens can get plugged with buildup of dirt and minerals such as iron or calcium buildup. When this screen is dirty or even plugged your pump isn't able to extract the water from your well, causing poor performance.

Well Jetting to Improve Yield on a Drilled Well

WELL JETTING is typically the anwer to this common well problem. Often times, other companies will just sell you a new pump for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, only for it to produce the same poor performance. That is because more often then not, the pump is in perfect working condition and it is simply a plugged or dirty screen that is preventing the pump from delivering the water yield to your home, etc.

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Well jetting is affordable and smart way to bring back the performance of your existing well. Many customers will often find that the performance of their well is actually better then when it was new after having the well jetted.


How to Improve Water System Function

How to Get Contstant City Like Water Pressure from my well...

Another factor that often plays a large role in the poor performance of a water system is the way it was designed. Many home owners or contractors will install the easiest and cheapest equipment, typically a "Jet Pump" to make the system work. When a well water system is not installed properly or efficiently the end user may notice fluctuations in pressure. These "Jet Pumps" will not produce the yield, performance, or the reliability of other equipment.

For example if somone in one part of the home is washing their hands and somone in another part of the home begins to wash their hands, one or both people may notice the pressure of the water reduced dramatically. This is a comon occurance if a home has a "Jet Pump" installed or their water system was not efficiently configured.

If you want constant pressure throughout your whole home with "City Like" water pressure, what you need is a submersible pump and a Constant Pressure System.

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