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Additional Well & Pump Services Offered

Buying or Selling a Home? Get a Well Inspection!

Basic Well Inspection - FLAT RATE $425.00* plus tax & fuel

Basic Well Inspections include the following: Check Pump Readings, Check Starting Components, Check to see that pressure tank is working as intended, pressure test and look at proper set backs from septics etc.

Well Inspection Plus - FLAT RATE $525.00* plus tax & fuel

Well Inspection Plus includes everything in the Basic Well Inspection, PLUS you get a Bacteria Sample taken (once) and courier for drop off.

Well Inspection PLUS & Flow Test - $525.00* + First 1-2hrs $250 ($125/hr thereafter)for Flow Test plus tax & fuel

Well Inspection PLUS & Flow Test includes everything in the Well Inspections PLUS but also includes a flow test for your well. This will determine the yield (flow) of water from the well. This service is a minimum 1 hour charge and can take up to 3 hours to complete. Most wells under 150 feet deep are done in 1 hour.

Flow tests are a best guess - not a gaurantee of yield or flow of well. Customer will not hold Mr. Bill's liable for yield or flow of well. The flow test is of that day and could change over time or due to season change (weather or snopack for example).

If water test fails - there is a return trip charge of $325 plus-mileage fee & tax. Customer or retailer contact must be on site with check or cash day of service. If the lab loses H2O sample or breaks bottle, etc., the cost of a 2nd test/replacement sample add $350.

Water quality - hardness - smell - etc. can be fixed, but is not in any way covered under inspection and customer agrees not to hold Mr. Bill's liable for quality or quantity of well or system.

Inspectioon covers general over-all working of system and is in no way an electrical inspection of any kind. If we see any potential dangers or problems, we will note it on invoice.

We also do not inspect equipment located in crawl space. If tank is located in crawl space...Home Inspector should check to see if equipment is working properly.

NOTE: The pump must be in well & power on site to perform flow test. If pump & generator need to be provided for flow test, additional fees will apply. Generator fee is $150. This flow test does not include total static recovery, as this could take 4 hours or longer.

* All well inspection pricing does not include the $1.50/mile fuel charge to be added to invoice.
* For all Well Inspections, Payment is due same day as service.
* Credit/Debit not accepted, sorry for the inconvenience.

**Please confirm appointment 1 hour prior to inspection!**

"...over 25 years in the business, I know what to look for!"

- William R. Bever III (Son)


Licensed - Bonded - Insured
Electric Pump Installer Lic.# BEVERWR977R9
Business Lic.# MRBILPW972JS

Dept. of Ecology Drilling Lic. # 2448
William R. Bever III
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